New Year, New Opportunities!

When I tell you it’s cold in North Carolina, I mean it’s cold! Yesterday was considered the coldest day in about 14 years. Eights days into the new year and we have had record breaking weather across the United States.

There are several ways to look at the unexpected weather conditions. Some people look at it as the worst winter we have experienced in a long time. Others are saying it’s a sign of the end of the world. As I seat here and think about the current condition, my optimistic mind believes that this is a sign that we are going to have a record breaking year. That’s absolutely right! I believe that 2014 is no ordinary year.

A few weeks ago, my friend, Dr. Antonio Burroughs declared that 2014 was going to be a year of new opportunities. I totally believe that and I adapted that for my life. Not just for me, but I believe it’s for you too! This is your year to take advantage of new opportunities.

As you enter into this year, know that last year’s success is the enemy of this year’s success. We often try to reenact the strategies from previous years to guarantee success in the current year. Let me tell you, this year has to be different. The only way you will accomplish good success this year is by embracing new opportunities.

New opportunities mean new strategies, new connections, new goals and ultimately a greater outcome.

As I sat in the studio at TCT, I made a quality decision that this would be an extraordinary year. I would accomplish more this year, then I accomplished in 2013. I would experience new things, embrace new connections, and be ready for new opportunities.

Let me ask you, are you ready for the new opportunities that are looking for you in this year? When opportunities come, will you know which opportunity to take? I want to help you make some quality decisions for your life. Help you make 2014 your greatest year.

As you know, I’m offering all of my supporters a free 1-on-1 Personal Growth coaching session. If you haven’t registered for your session, DO IT NOW! Let’s make this year the greatest year of your life.