Back in 2004, I encountered a hilarious movie called “SAVED!” It’s a film about a Christian high school filled with radical young Christians who were not afraid to express their faith, beliefs or convictions. They were saved to the bone. Super Christians!


In this film, these young adults encountered several situations that went against their beliefs. There was a student, a friend, and even a daughter that was caught in the act of sin and had to pay the price. Like most  Super Christians, when faced with an issue that went against their faith, these young people decide to outcast the problem. They did their Christian duty and shared the love of Jesus by ostracizing and blacklisting people who have fallen away from grace. Sounds just like Jesus, doesn’t it.

Unfortunately, this is the picture of Christ and Christianity in the world today. The world doesn’t know a God that loved them enough to sacrifice His only son for their sins. They know a God that judges their every move. A God who slanders their names, turns his nose up at their actions, and never tries to understand their struggles. How do they know this about God, because this is what we show them.

One of the challenges with the church today is that we feel the need to show more judgment than love. It makes me ask the question, do we really want to see the world saved or do we want to see people judged and pay the maximum sentence? We try to make people pay a price that was already paid by Jesus. Instead of giving life, we seek to take away life from unbelievers.

Today, I want to challenge to evaluate your life. As the world reads your life as a believer, are you showing the love of Christ. Do you have compassion for others? Are you a judgmental Christian?

One thing about people who are judgmental, they normally do not know until somebody mentions it to them. I created a small list of things that you can watch for in your life.

  • Judgmental Christians are normally self-righteous. They believe that their little sins aren’t as important as your big sins.
  • Judgmental Christians do not show compassion for the sins of others. They want justice for every situation. Normally, because they have not experienced a major fall from grace. They can’t show compassion because they can’t identify.
  • Judgmental Christians don’t love like Jesus. They are not able to see pass your mistakes to minister to your needs. They aren’t willing to sacrifice their life so that your life can be saved,
  • Judgmental Christians expose the sins of others. The bible says that love covers a multitude of sins. Believers who see a fall as the opportunity to tear you down, are not true Christians. True Christians want to see you restored and cover you until you are healed.

This is just a small list of things that I think we should watch for in our lives. What are some characterizes of judgmental Christians that aren’t on my list? What have you encountered when dealing with these Christians? Let’s talk about it?

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  1. To all people who don’t believe in God, just one question that intrigues me,, Most religions especially Christianity, Islam and Judaism disagree on everything except the very existence of God, I mean we are talking about literally hundred of prophets, many of them are great men of their time and highly respected, most of them are known for their honesty.. Is it possible, I mean mathematically possible that all of them are evil, satanic pathological liars? Seriously speaking, this is the only way to describe it,,, I mean if they lied, then they misguided billion of people,,, but what if one, just one of them is right,, where does that put Atheists in the after life?

    • I totally agree with you. I always say…if heaven is not real than living a better life as a christian was worth it. Thanks for your comments!

    • Atheists don’t worry about what will happen to them in your afterlife myth. We do understand that people who need to believe in a life after this one are only self-centered and can not believe that the world will go on after they are dead.

    • The bigger question is where does that put others who have followed their own prophets. Another (hypothetical) question is, what if you’re prophet has lied to you? Why do you have to look at Atheist, when you have a bigger problem in your hands.

      • Thanks for the comment.. Good question, while the answer is believers have nothing to loose.. Then Atheists are right and we just die after life, no punishment or eternal damnation… But what if one of the prophets is rights, among the thousands of them, what will happen to you? I mean all Abraham religions promise eternal life in hell for Atheists…

    • I can only speak as a Christian but the Bible has all the answers you are seeking with regard that question. It is not fair to you for me to suggest a fast-track course to understanding something that could potentially change your entire life for the better. However, if you do not want to have faith then you can take the Spiritual route and spend your life looking for answers. Alternatively you can just do as you are doing – whatever it is that you are doing – if you are content .,carry on but if you are not content then be good to yourself and pray for starters – challenge God and see the kind of wonders you can only dream about.

      Challenging Atheism:
      Romans 1:20
      For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.

      • While few believed in their time that earth was round… They proved to be right…. Just like prophets, they were a minority….. My question remains… If you are right, then forget the prophets, they mislead us… But if they are wrong, we are talking about eternal life in hell… the most horrible destiny as agreed by all religions…. People of faith, have no risk to take,, if you are right, we die with you, but if we are right, at least we have a chance… So my question is: Why take the risk when believing is so easy?!

  2. Dear Sami…the idea of having a prophet or a guide is over-rated – these days where most followers of the Abrahamic religions, there are the books to guide you – why do you need those ‘middle-men’, when you can have a direct and personal relationship with your god or saviour? Christians nowadays seem to be getting so far away from the teachings of the humble Jesus…they are more into the Old Testament with the ‘jealous and insecure god who wanted Abraham to prove his love by slaughtering his beloved son Isaac. Also, don’t forget how many people died by god’s hand! Jesus is much more likable…a nice character. Please dear christians – be more like him!

  3. I recently saw a plaque in the botanical gardens in Rio de Janeiro:

    “Eu acho que amor e a unica religiao que o mundo anda precisando. Eu tenho visto tanta gente que levanta as maos para “louvar” e nao estende as mesmas para levantar alguem que precisa de ajuda. Tanta gente que aponta o dedo para julgar mas nao abre os bracos para acolher. Tanta gente que pede perdao a deus, mas nao perdoa o proximo.”


    “I think love is the only religion that the world needs. I have seen so many people raising their hands to “praise” who don’t extend the same to lift someone who needs help. So many people are pointing a finger to judge but not opening their arms to receive. So many people asking God to pardon, but don’t forgive those next to them”

  4. If is sad that the heading is….Are you a Judgmental Christian.

    >>Judgmental Christians are normally self-righteous. They believe that their little sins aren’t as important as your big sins.<>Judgmental Christians do not show compassion for the sins of others. They
    want justice for every situation. Normally, because they have not
    experienced a major fall from grace. They can’t show compassion because
    they can’t identify.<>Judgmental Christians don’t love like Jesus. They
    are not able to see pass your mistakes to minister to your needs.
    They aren’t willing to sacrifice their life so that your life can be
    saved,<>Judgmental Christians expose the sins of others. The bible says that love covers a multitude of sins. Believers
    who see a fall as the opportunity to tear you down, are not true
    Christians. True Christians want to see you restored and cover you until
    you are healed.<<

    How can anyone tear down someone whose sins are forgiven.

    1 John 2:1-3

    King James Version (KJV)

    2 My
    little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if
    any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the

    2 And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.

    True Christians tell the truth and we know that Jesus Christ is the propitiation for all sins. It does not matter what others say or think about us.
    It is that we know the truth and know how much Gods loves us and others.
    He had given us one way and that way is to love God and others in Christ.

    Isn't it difficult enough without putting up false stumbling blocks of judgments.

    • I’ve never had anyone but Christians knock on my door to tell my I’m going to hell.

      I’ve never been handed a pamphlet telling me I’m going to hell by anyone but Christians.

      I’ve never seen anyone but Christians protesting funerals.

      I’ve never seen anyone but Christians telling me how much God hates me.

      It was Christians who claimed 9/11 – and assorted hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters – were caused because their god was offended.

      Other religions might do it – but in the US, judgement is the purview of Christians.

      • Well, I guess that you have never been in any other nation than the U.S. Try going to ANY islamic country in the Middle East and speaking of Christianity! Oh… wait, you wouldn’t be harrassed, you’d be beheaded! Try going to any of the Islamic countries in Asia, then! Oh yeah, same thing there!
        Oh, “Christians” claimed that 9/11 was “God’s judgement”? Never heard it, but, if you watch the WORLD’S news from 9/11 you will see hundreds of THOUSANDS of Muslims CELEBRATING!

        Tell you what, from your own words… you are, simply, an idiot!

        • That’s your benchmark? “We’re not as bad as Muslim extremists”?

          Aim higher.

          And come out from under your rock:

          “Well, I totally concur.” –Pat Robertson to Jerry Falwell following the Sept. 11 attacks, after Falwell said, “I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People For the American Way — all of them who have tried to secularize America — I point the finger in their face and say: “You helped this happen.”

          • yeah, figures! a total idiot would reply! Maybe you would actually care to read, and think ( I know, I know, it’s difficult for your type!).

            No, Dipshit, my Bench mark is 50% of the world’s true Christians may “preach” Christianity, in other words they may try to approach you and offer to talk to you about Jesus Christ. Most others will not, choosing to let their lives live, as an example. Now, while there certainly are those ( a very small percentage!) who may try to be “holier than thou”, those who may try to hold it over your head that they are “better than you”. Even your small mind simply has to admit that even that is better than having your house blown up, or being beheaded or stoned (as you would find in an Islamic country) for daring to go against the “accepted” religious belief of the area! (Or maybe not, maybe you get off on being beaten, or stoned (you know, by actual stones, not the marijuana type of being stoned!)

            Interesting though, you choose to bring up a quote from Pat Robertosn, to Jerry Falwell, to (I don’t know exactly why you brought up this quote, I suppose, in some way, in your mind, this helps you prove something??? though, I have no idea exactly what it’s supposed to prove! Maybe that there are a few very radical, so called “Christian” leaders out there, with radical views? As if, those are supposed to somehow help you “prove” your point?) Tell you what, I bet you that I can go to 3/4 of the mosques in the U.S. and 95% of the mosques, throughout the world, and hear FAR more radical statements, calling for Jihad, against the “Great Satan” (being the U.S.) and other freedom loving countries, than YOU personally, can find “radical” statements coming from however many “Christian” churches in the U.S., or the world!
            You’re simply another simple minded person, afraid to speak of the abuses of Islam, afraid that you may be beheaded! Yet, you feel free to speak your mind about your idiotic ideas of CHristians, because you KNOW that there are not marauding gangs of Methodists, or Baptists, or Catholics out there who would gladly take your head off of your shoulders! Jihad list, and will face a death threat for daring to speak the “truth to THEIR power”!

            Friggin idiot! Show some balls, man! Get real! Quit hiding behind your mommy’s skirt!

            I challenge you to say ONE bad thing about Islamic terrorists. I challenge you to find one, real life, recent example of where ANY Christian, has done the “suicide by bombing” thing! Oh yeah, maybe the whole “Westbrook Baptist” crowd thing is appalling, but, how many people have they actually killed by a suicide bomber? Hmmmmm…. 0?
            Bite me! Asswipe!

          • So you want me to believe your benchmark is radical Islam by posting several lunatic paragraphs about how at least you’re not radical Islam

            You’re not just a judgemental Christian, you’re a damn stupid one, to boot!

            “Oh, “Christians” claimed that 9/11 was “God’s judgement”? Never heard it,”

            Do you understand why I posted the quote, now?

            Freakin’ dumb-assss.

          • Actually, this is a very smart comment. Well, actually, when someone reads it, not! You post no statistics, you make NO points to prove your point, you, basically, just mouth off, and that is supposed to prove how wonderfully smart that you are! Except, the real world does not work that way. unfortunately, in order to be able to “prove” your point, you need to come up with at least ONE statistic, to back your “point” up.. Since you have chosen to do NONE of the above, it merely proves that YOU are the dumbass!

          • Christian terrorists: abortion clinic bombers. Ku klux klan. David Copeland, the christian neo nazi nail bomber. Timothy McViegh (another self-indentified christian). The IRA / loyalists (all christians, all bombing the shit out of each other). Christian groups in Nigeria slaughtering muslims (and vice versa).

            Not to mention all the disgusting bigoted homophobes.

            And lastly, you only have to peruse genesis for five minutes before finding horrific violence, rape and murder, often perpetuated by the “good guys”

            That enough to be going on with?

          • Oh and in the UK, someone tried to blow up a mosque. Another had swastikas daubed all over it. This is from a group that refers to itself as “indigenous” white Christians.

          • Wow!!! And how many Christians in the UK have tried to blow up the subway system in London? Any, lately? Compare that to how many CHristian CHurches in Iraq, or Egypt have been burned down, or how many Christians in either of those countries have been killed, for their beliefs, in oh say, just the past year? Bet you don’t even KNOW about those!

          • I think you’re angry because you happen to be one of the “Christians” the article talks about. Thus far you’ve used your religion as justification for your hate and bigotry. Now you’re outraged that someone has pointed out how un-Christian that is.

          • Hmmm, maybe you should actually, you know, do that little thing called “read”? As I stated, there are a few who act out,. But, in your viewpoint, to connect that to Christianity, where are the hundreds of thousands who have responded to the Muslim attacks over the past 20 or so years, against the U.S., who have become suicide bombers? Where are the IED attacks against normal Muslims? Seen any IED’s or roadside bombings or suicide bombings, committed in the Palestinian territories, lately?
            Your points are invalid, so therefore your views are invalid, as you bring up a few stupid little things, but the overwhelming evidence goes against your so called “points”.

            And as far as your idiotic comment about “genesis” Hmmm, wasn’t that written about 3000 years before Christianity? Hmmm, what does the Koran say? Bet you could, if you actually chose to read it, find MANY more instances of violence, not to mention TEACHING violence against the “unbelievers”! But, no, you do not want to go there, as it destroys your silly arguments!

        • You are aware that there are 2.2 billion Muslims in the world, right? And most of them are peaceable normal people?

          Are abortion clinic bombers representative of Christians? if not, then neither are the people who rejoiced over 9/11.

          I happen to know many muslims personally in the UK and every single one of them is just a normal joe. Some even drink, or go to the mosque as often as the average christian goes to church (e.g. not very often).

          Save your bigotry and take the criticism on the chin.

          • So, because “some” of your acquaintances are “normal Joes” you totally disprove me?

            Yeah, ask the friends of Tamerlan, the Boston Marathin bomber how normal HE was, before he committed his horrific act!

        • There are churches in Muslim countries … But you didn’t know that. I lived in Tripoli, Libya just down the street from a church.

          • Oh yeah? Wow, what a wonderful post!!! (Not really!) Since the Arab spring, since the revolution in Libya, I wonder how well that church is fairing? Hopefully better than the Coptic Christian churches in Egypt, since their own revolution, where thousands of Coptic Christians have been killed in the past year!
            Yeah, say what you want, but, facts prove you wrong!

          • People like you are why the percentage of church goers will continue to decline. You are EXACTLY the reason I no longer attend church. Your willful ignorance and hatred sicken me and may God have mercy on your soul.

      • Sorry huhb, but anyone who tells you God hates you is definitely NOT a Christian. Anyone who tells you you are going to hell is NOT a Christian. Need I go on?.There is a vast difference between Christians and fundamentalist religious nuts just as there is a vast difference between Muslims and fundamentalist Islamists. I get the impression though that you have not bothered to investigate Christianity and have based your notions on the so-called Christians who have knocked on your door or handed you a pamphlet (by the way, how many of these people have there been? Tens, hundreds, thousands, Tens of thousands?). As a Christian let me assure you that your are not going to hell and that even if no-one else loves you, God really does love you. You are one of his creations, unique and special. I have many atheist friends who constantly taunt me about my beliefs and know what? I wouldn’t change any of them because if they do not believe in God that’s their choice and who am I to hold that against them?.Besides, they’re my friends and I love them as such and that’s why I pray for them. Just as I’ll pray for you

      • Not all Christians commit the deeds that you have stated. I apologize to you on the behalf of those ‘Christians’ who have committed these acts and would say again that they are not representative of Jesus Christ.

      • They are religious extremists and not Christians. Just like those people that caused 9/11 are not true Muslims but religious Extremists.

      • I’ve had atheists rip into me for believing in God. What’s the difference? Two sides of the same coin. Arrogance. I’m right your wrong. As someone who believes in God I’m fascinated by generalizations made about me by complete strangers. I’m fascinated by the fact no one challenges atheists and their arrogance. Wait, I would like to amend that to `some atheists’. Otherwise I’m no better than people who state “Christians do this or behave like that…” I don’t want to fall into the trap of generalizing.

      • Or anyone but Christians tell me (with a loud hailer in the high street )that my Daughters disabilities were punishment for my/our sins; did you know that if you apply a lot of force a loud hailer makes an interesting hat?

    • Didn’t Jesus say to worry about the log in your own eye before worrying about the splinter in somebody else’s?

  5. You get the the people who judge others, from all religions Christian, Muslim, Jewish orthodox, etc, without knowing the facts or circumstances relating to their sin. I am satisfied that only God knows the truth, and judgement lies with him and him alone.

  6. Most Christians are discerning not judgmental …….. discernment = survival in this crazy upside down world ……… our precious children must be taught “discernment skills” …… and …….. how to “exit stage left” when things/people/situations/social environment just don’t feel quite right…..

  7. According to this silly premise of this article, If I disagree with your life choices, I am judgemental. If I disagree with your view of God and eternity, I am judgemental. If I disagree with you about Jesus; who He is, why He came and His coming return, I am judgemental

    Claiming Christianity does not mean I have to agree with and condone every way of life that exists in the world. Jesus stood for something – apparently, taking a stand for anything is judgemental.

    Disagreeing with you does not mean I am judgemental.

  8. I have met very few so called “Christians” who weren’t judgmental if you weren’t “one of them”. Yes, some practice what they preach, but the vast majority that I’ve encountered were indeed judgmental of others who didn’t share their view of faith. By the same token, so were nearly all persons of faith whom I’ve encountered. Apparently, if you aren’t “one of them” then your worth is lessened in their eyes.

  9. I’m a radical atheist who got to this page more-or-less by chance(*), and much of what makes me that way is the hypocrisy and hatefulness of many supposedly-religious people. Nothing will change me back – so please don’t try! – but it is refreshing to read a religious person espousing the positive aspects of Christianity. Good luck with your approach, and I hope you can get your message across to others of your faith.
    (*) or the machinations of your deity, if you like :)

  10. God will judge the outsiders, the church should only judge those within its ‘four walls.’ The church has been called to ‘reconcile all men’ to God.

    • So outside the church you aren’t supposed to judge evil and good or be an ambassador for Christ? To be an ambassador for Christ, as Paul was, he certainly judged others outside of church, debated them and evangelized others to become Christians. Christians don’t live in a closet. You cannot “reconcile” others to God unless you tell them about Him and how encourage them to make changes.

  11. Christians are not defined by what they call themselves – they are defined by how they behave. This is why the bible states very clearly that God is not a fool and there will be Judgement day; otherwise simply saying you are a Christian would be enough to book your place in Heaven. It isn’t?!

    • Rickey J. Reade:

      “Joseph: you are being a bit “judgmental” in your own editorializing.”

      Rickey, YOU are being just as “JUDGMENTAL” in being critical of Joseph. Don’t you see your own hypocrisy? And yes, we are SUPPOSED TO JUDGE! You can’t get away from it.

      • I disagree with you. BTW, the injunction not to “judge” was
        actually not to CONDEMN. It was Joseph who was complaining
        about “judgmental Christians”. I pointed out that he was being
        doing the same thing. That was not even judging in my book.

  12. This is a slightly more complex subject than you are suggesting. Christians are called to judge the wrongness or rightness of an action but not to proclaim final judgement over another human being.

    Take a look at 1 Corinthians 6: 1-2 for an example of this:

    Does any one of you, when he has a case against his neighbor, dare to go to law before the unrighteous and not before the saints? Or do you not know that the saints will judge the world? If the world is judged by you, are you not competent to constitute the smallest law courts?

    Here Paul is challenging believers are to make righteous judgments as to right and wrong among themselves, as opposed to seeking the world’s justice.

    In addition to this check out Ephesians 5:11 when Paul instructs Christians to expose sin:

    Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them.

    Christians are supposed to be compassionate and loving but, contrary to what you are saying, this has to involve some elements of being able to judge right from wrong. This is often an issue of social justice. If Christians are to sit back and refuse to call evil; evil and to look the other way when they see sin in the world then we will have to ignore poverty, political corruption, war, racism etc.

    • Yes, we are not to JUDGE someone else’s salvation but other than that we are SUPPOSED to make judgment calls.

  13. What if…and please just hear me out…what if the bible just happened to be an interpretation from over several dozen different authors, written hundreds of years ago, about people that lived hundreds of years before the authors had a chance to meet them? Mind blowing…right? Why do we all feel the need to use this extremely inaccurate book as a guide towards living a good life? Just asking a question…

    • Your “what if” is not accurate. Josephus Flavious, a Jewish historian as well as others confirms the accuracy of the Bible. Archeologists and others do the same.
      The Bible is written by many authors. God used them. The Bible is GOD BREATHED as stated:

      [16] All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

      I notice you give no example of an “inaccuracy” in the Bible – just a broad brushed accusation. If you really study it and compare to other sources, it is amazingly accurate and with wisdom.

  14. Oh give it a rest. Go bash some judgmental atheists. There’s enough of them vomiting their righteous indignation on the internet. Their ridiculous, shallow, sweeping assumptions. Oh wait, atheists are not to be criticized.

  15. Martin Luther King Jr was a Christian. That awful bastard. What a moron for believing in Jesus. There is a long list of Christians who do not fit into the simplistic stereotyped tiny box created by bloggers and atheists. Why bother. It’s like trying to reason with a cranky, tantrum throwing two year-old.

  16. Do not judge unless you be judjed. do you have the Holy Spirit good hate evil and love righteousness… in other words hate homosexual marriage and homosexuality and what the devil is trying to accomplish and love obeying gods commands buy not sinning and if anything marry a woman in which case it is not sin and do not commit adultrey i am not married and have commited plenty of adultrey, i should not be doing this sin as internet porn is a sin mixed with some meth and str8 porn the devil will put upon a strong delusion so that he may sucker you into the lie. Romans 1:27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.Homosexuality is an abomination that causes desolation because you will end up without god if the sinner does not turn away from his gross homosexual acts.(that is the sinner who has received the Spirit of God).I dont mean your typical homosexual who doesnt recognize that his Homosexual acts are and abomination against God.Dont ever let some preacher or pastor try to convert your gay away, only the Holy Spirit can work that amazing work. While the Homosexual just continues on like Hes doing gods will or something. when it sounds more like the devils will or work so to say. amen.

  17. This is the way to do it. Satan wants to seperate us from God, and satan is very clever. One method is to convince us we are doing good when in fact we are not. In our conviction that we are doing good we become seperated from God so Satan wins. If we show mercy, God will show us mercy..

  18. “Judge not, that you not be judged” essentially means, in its greater context, that unless you are prepared to be judged and found wanting yourself (as all people will be found wanting at sometime or another), do not presume to set yourself up as the moral yardstick. It does NOT mean “Never judge.” Obviously someone will have to “judge” for themselves whether it is worth the effort to attempt to reach out to the sinners to try to get them to stop sinning; Jesus Himself referred to not casting pearls before swine, brushing off the dust from one’s sandals of a hostile town, and the like. If the message of Jesus was anything, it was what He said on the cross, when He asked forgiveness of those who did not know what it was they were doing.

    The point is that one forgive the sinner personally, and tell them that God forgives. But one can leave it at that, if the person is not receptive to the message. Obviously if the person’s sin is of a possible criminal sort that affects the lives of innocent people, you don’t just walk away and say, “It’s THEIR life.” But neither is it for you to stand there and just hector them– save the victims from being victimized. Jesus says that there is only one unforgivable sin, and that is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, which is defined as rejecting the saving and healing power of the Holy Spirit by claiming it comes from elsewhere. The power of the Spirit should be telling you to forgive all, and pray for the grace of God to forgive them, and heal them as well, and to let the light of your example shine; to claim that that impulse is somehow not of God, and that you know better what God wants you to do, is the sin of pride and presumption, which is, if persisted in, the blaspheming of the Holy Spirit.

    True to my own word, you’re forgiven from all this moralizing and judgmentalism, as far as I’m concerned, if you turn and walk away from it, and, like the adulteress, “go and sin no more.” But if you wish to persist in your condemnation of sinner as well as sin, and risk blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, I can keep forgiving you and pray for God’s forgiveness of you and hope that you turn away from your sin, but if after all this you don’t? Well, that’s between you and The Big Fella Upstairs– it was all on you, after all. And you will be judged as you judged others. All I can say in this situation is Father, forgive them, they didn’t know what it was they were doing.

    • Aren’t you tired of making a mockery of Christianity? In no way shape of form are we to be RELATIVE! Christ certainly wasn’t relative and neither were ANY of His disciples! Not one!

      You refer to:
      Matt.7:1 Judge not that ye be not judged as the reason to be “relative”. When you read further it is in regard to a person committing the same sin yet harshly judging others – hypocrisy.
      In further reading we ARE TO MAKE JUDGEMENT CALLS! At least that is what God says!

      I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek NOT mine own will, but the will of the Father …

      John.7: Judge NOT according to appearance, but JUDGE righteous judgement.
      God does NOT want us to be “relative” as you are suggesting. We ARE to make judgement calls. For example to tell a homosexual that they will not enter heaven is simply being a messenger for what God has clearly stated. If they reject that or act out, that is their CHOICE! It is WRONG to at least not let them know in a private setting with care to let them know this is NOT a wise life style CHOICE. Considering how fragile and emotional homosexuals are it must be done with care – not anger.

      To try and influence someone and get them to trust Christ with whatever their problem is,is what GOD WANTS us to do! While we try we must also set the right example, knowing we will fall short. That is the hard part. Believing in Christ does NOT make you perfect which critics love to assume it does. It is with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that we have more success in doing what is right.

      To suggest that we IGNORE and become “relative” to sin is aiding the advarsary of Christianity. Silence and accepting wrong behavior with a pious “non judgmental” demeanor is exactly what Satan wants. Ideally Satan wants Christianity erased and it is happening with this fear of being “judgmental”. The truth is Satan LOVES what is wrong and HATES what is right and by being “relative” or “nonjudgmental” Satan thrives and makes Christ and His teachings irrelevant.

      • I hope that what you are saying here is not meant to be some sort of parody of Christians. Mote and beam, friend. I nowhere condone any sin. I nowhere say not to speak against the sin being committed. I nowhere say people cannot be asked to repent. You tell them they are sinners, and so are we all, and God forgives us all so long as we resolve to amend our lives. But none of this “I’m going to save you whether you want to be saved or not, damn you!”-nonsense for me, if you please. A person’s salvation is between them and the Lord, and nothing I can do will change that. They’re going to want to be saved or not, and I’m not wasting my time with them if they don’t. But I leave the actual “Judgment,” i.e., the weighing in the balance and the ultimate destination of one’s spirit in the afterlife, to the Lord. So far as I know, nowhere in the Bible does God tell us to be a grand jury indicting sinners nor a trial jury sitting and listening to the evidence to find them guilty.

        You and I probably agree more than we disagree. It’s too bad you feel the need to worry about everyone else’s salvation. For my part, I won’t do the Robin Williams “I’m-a Bible you upside yo’ head” charade. I frankly think that it is not the best use of the time we have on earth.

        Just as a thought exercise, think about the next time you’re at some public event and some pious hypocrite Pharisee wants to offer a prayer in Jesus’ name. Then imagine you’re at the same event, but the person doing the invocation is a Muslim Imam, who says “Allahu akbar!” (“God is great!”). Who is the bigger sinner– who blasphemes the Holy Spirit more? A hypocrite Christian or a sincere Muslim?

        And yet you would probably reject the Imam’s religious views, and if he were especially pugnacious, he’d tell YOU you were headed straight to hell. You’d ignore him, of course. Well, that’s what many people you will condemn and judge in order for you not to be relativistic will do to you. Just acknowledge you are as much a sinner as the person you try to save, and it’s not your moral authority you invoke, as you have none. Tell them God loves them, doesn’t want them to engage in the sinful behavior, do what you can to alleviate any suffering to others caused by sinful behavior (yours as well as anyone else’s), and tell them, Father, into Your hands I commend their spirit and mine. That’s all you can really do without adding to your own tally of sins.

  19. Many of the most judgmental people I know are Christians. They don’t profess their faith or act in a Christian manner but judge, lay blame and ostracize those who have differing beliefs. It’s puzzling to me why they feel the need to hide behind religion for their bad behavior and condemnations.

  20. As someone who’s not a christian, and has no regard for any faith at all, this is even more hysterical.
    Putting aside you leaving your personal development in the hands of the sky/church roof, and not taking responsability for ones self; You’ve proved the writers point.
    You missed it entirely, though you have shown the judgement he was talking about. How did not one of you notice you had (following THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS for years of tradition since christianity split from its islamic roots)
    just dived into an arguement over your own faith. This is why religion is fading from the world stage, because your just as bad as everyone else if not worse, hypocritical and rightious is worse than an honest fool.

  21. my opinion or judgement as you call it is based on the BIBLE. this site does not seem to like my opinion, it will not post it.


  22. I’m confused by all the people complaining about this article. It is not about Christians. It’s about “Judgemental Christians”. The impression I got from reading it is that the author is a Christian, and is complaining about the people who self identify as Christian, and yet don’t follow the teachings of Christ.