Back in 2004, I encountered a hilarious movie called “SAVED!” It’s a film about a Christian high school filled with radical young Christians who were not afraid to express their faith, beliefs or convictions. They were saved to the bone. Super Christians!


In this film, these young adults encountered several situations that went against their beliefs. There was a student, a friend, and even a daughter that was caught in the act of sin and had to pay the price. Like most  Super Christians, when faced with an issue that went against their faith, these young people decide to outcast the problem. They did their Christian duty and shared the love of Jesus by ostracizing and blacklisting people who have fallen away from grace. Sounds just like Jesus, doesn’t it.

Unfortunately, this is the picture of Christ and Christianity in the world today. The world doesn’t know a God that loved them enough to sacrifice His only son for their sins. They know a God that judges their every move. A God who slanders their names, turns his nose up at their actions, and never tries to understand their struggles. How do they know this about God, because this is what we show them.

One of the challenges with the church today is that we feel the need to show more judgment than love. It makes me ask the question, do we really want to see the world saved or do we want to see people judged and pay the maximum sentence? We try to make people pay a price that was already paid by Jesus. Instead of giving life, we seek to take away life from unbelievers.

Today, I want to challenge to evaluate your life. As the world reads your life as a believer, are you showing the love of Christ. Do you have compassion for others? Are you a judgmental Christian?

One thing about people who are judgmental, they normally do not know until somebody mentions it to them. I created a small list of things that you can watch for in your life.

  • Judgmental Christians are normally self-righteous. They believe that their little sins aren’t as important as your big sins.
  • Judgmental Christians do not show compassion for the sins of others. They want justice for every situation. Normally, because they have not experienced a major fall from grace. They can’t show compassion because they can’t identify.
  • Judgmental Christians don’t love like Jesus. They are not able to see pass your mistakes to minister to your needs. They aren’t willing to sacrifice their life so that your life can be saved,
  • Judgmental Christians expose the sins of others. The bible says that love covers a multitude of sins. Believers who see a fall as the opportunity to tear you down, are not true Christians. True Christians want to see you restored and cover you until you are healed.

This is just a small list of things that I think we should watch for in our lives. What are some characterizes of judgmental Christians that aren’t on my list? What have you encountered when dealing with these Christians? Let’s talk about it?