Before God can show you who you are, He must destroy who you have made yourself to become. This is not a play on words; this is the reality of how we live our lives if we do not possess the intimacy that we need to have with God.   

Many people face an identity crisis, especially after giving their lives to Christ. This happens when a person finds out that he or she was created for a specific purpose, but he or she has gone through life doing something contradictory to what he or she was designed to do.

A great example of this is the father of the children of Israel—Jacob. His name is translated “Supplanter” in English. By definition, a “supplanter” is described as “one who forcefully takes the place of another.”

In Genesis 27, Jacob is seen taking advantage of his father (with the help of his mother). Jacob lies to his elderly father to receive his brother’s blessing. But, Jacob and Esau had been in battle since they were in the womb.

In Genesis 25, we learn that Jacob and Esau are twins who were at war before they were born. It is amazing that their mother was told that the younger would serve the older, but she didn’t wait to see how God would bring it to pass, she took the prophecy into her own hands and helped Jacob “forcefully” take it. Jacob became, by deception, what he was not by birth, and this taking created problems for him in relationships for many years to come. His identity problem caused him to be in adversarial relationships with his kindred and acquaintances. Later, he was forced to deal with both his father-in-law, Laban, who cheated Jacob; which caused Jacob to cheat Laban back. And he also had to eventually face his brother Esau, whom he had cheated. The same way Jacob came face to face with both his antagonist and his victim, we will always face challenging and avoidable situations when we misrepresent ourselves and decide to be anyone other than God has called and created us to be.

God has an outrageous vision with your name on it. As a matter of fact, no matter what identity crisis you have faced, God is able to give you another identity in Him! In Genesis 32, Jacob, the “supplanter,” gets a name change! He becomes Israel, “contender with God.” After that moment, he was never the same! God has something that is just for you. He will keep you up all night; He’ll cause all chaos to break out just to get your attention. He has no choice there are some things in life that no one else can get for you. Don’t miss your blessing or invite trouble in your life by not walking in your true identity. Just be you!

If you can’t be who you are, you surely cannot be who you are not.



Living Life On The Right Path

Can you imagine living 187 years and the only thing that is said about you at your funeral is that you were born, had children and died? There is no mention of any success, victories or accomplishments. Whatever you do, make sure that is not ever said of you. It is a travesty for a person to live and never discover his true purpose before crossing into death. That person will have lived a meaningless rather than a meaningful life.


We have been talking about purpose a great deal. We all have a purpose and a destiny. The vehicle is your purpose and your destiny is the route you take to accomplish that purpose. For example, my purpose is to help others discover their purpose, I choose to fulfill that purpose by writing books, public speaking and executive life coaching.

No matter what you have faced up to this point. God is waiting to help get you on the path to destiny. When you have tapped into your purpose. You have discovered the reason for your existence there is something very exciting that happens to you. You began looking for vehicles to get you to your destiny.

When you plan a trip there are several crucial questions that should be asked
a. Who is going with us?
b. Where are we going?
c. How are we going to get there?

#1 Before you go anywhere you have to evaluate ‘who’ is going with you.

Sometimes we get into trouble because we try to take people on our path to destiny and we don’t have room for them. Then other times, we are trying to do it on our own when we need others to bear the load with us.

Next, after you determine who is taking the trip the next consideration is: Do we all agree on where we are going and the best route to get there?

Can two walk together, unless they are agreed? Amos 3:3 NJKV

If you match gifting and abilities but don’t have agreement you still will ultimately not reach the desired location. The people who take the trip with you must agree on the “what”/ the “who” and “how.”
#2 What responsibility are you prepared to handle?
Before you select the people and mode of transportation to achieve your purpose you need to evaluate how much responsibility can you handle. Sometimes we don’t fail because of our planning, we often fail because we weren’t prepared for everything that the trip requires.

#3 Are you ready to do whatever it takes to accomplish your purpose?
Sometimes you achieving your purpose is simply a matter of whether you are ready to make the tough decisions. You need to be ready to take the people who need to ride and leave the people that need to stay. You need to be ready to sacrifice some things that you really want in order to achieve—it is called delayed gratification. It is so hard in the beginning, but so worth it in the end. Finally, you have to be ready to give. You aren’t going to go far if you aren’t ready for it to cost you something.

Don’t hold onto something today that you will wished you were able to give up today to achieve your purpose and live your outrageous life!

Your Dream Will Work—If You Work It!

Work On It!

Have you ever been in the store and watched parents with their children or this may have happened to you if you have children yourself…the parent is putting items on the register, and is counting the costs of every item going across the scanner?

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It seems that the parent has a set budget for the amount of items that he or she has placed in his or her cart. Yet there is a child standing nearby trying to get the parent to buy something that is completely not on his or her list. It may be a ring pop, it may be a magazine, it may be a candy bar, but that item is not on the parent’s radar at all because it is not on the list.

Often, we adult believers associate with lack so much that we treat God as though He is the parent at the register, but we don’t respond with the faith of the child. We treat God as if He has only a set amount of blessings that He can give us. We treat Him as if He is standing there counting how many miracles He has given out today, and He can’t give out anymore.

God wants us to treat Him the same way the child treats the parent. The child has no idea that there is a limit; the child just believes that the parent can get him or her whatever he or she wants. Well, in our case, our Father can! He just wants us to believe and back up our belief with our positive actions.

Back to our original example: some parents deny the request of the child because the child’s desire isn’t in their budget or on their list, but often, a parent will sacrifice one of the items in the cart or dig up some extra change for the additional purchase that the child has requested.

The first rule of dreaming is doing. You have not because you ask not. You have to get out there and start moving. There is no time to waste. You can’t sit around and idly wait for it. You wait for the bus, you wait for your car’s oil to get changed at the dealership, you wait your turn at the doctor’s office, but you don’t wait for your dream. Your life can’t be an incidental endeavor.

People kill their dreams because they don’t have the courage to step out in the effort to actualize them or bring them to any kind of semblance of reality. You have to be deliberate about your dream. One way to jumpstart your dream is to stop doing what you hate. People go through life trying to pursue things that they were never designed to pursue, because they have concluded that this is the “Plan of God” for their life, but that thing brings them no fulfillment and no joy. If you have been living this way, I am coming with good news. You don’t have to live a life and pursue a career that you don’t enjoy.

God wired us to be connected to our purpose. It should actually be something that you enjoy doing. When you love what you do, it almost doesn’t feel like work. I encourage you today to pursue your dream with everything within you. Your Father is not limited like the parent in the beginning of the story. Your Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills. Now, it is your job to trust like the child: ask your Father for what you need, and then be bold enough to pursue your dream today.

Never forget, even though we were created by an all-powerful God; He saw fit to make every single one of us an original—to forsake your originality is an insult to your Creator. You owe it to Him to live authentically!