A Note About Faith

When most people hear the word faith, their minds run to some mysterious spiritual place. They might define faith as “believing in something or someone bigger than oneself.”Faith gives them hope and some form of stability.  

But I am here to tell you that when I revisited this Scripture from Hebrews a few years ago – and looked at it with fresh eyes — it ignited a fire in my mind. Here’s how Eugene Peterson’s The Message presents Hebrews 11:1 and 2:

The fundamental fact of existence is that this trust in God, this faith, is the firm foundation under everything that makes life worth living. It’s our handle on what we can’t see. The act of faith is what distinguished our ancestors, set them above the crowd. 


Here’s what grabbed me about this translation: First, my foundation of faith in God supports everything I will accomplish in my lifetime. My ancestors, including my grandparents, gave me a tool that I would need to succeed in life. Faith is fundamental, at the core of all I will accomplish. 

Isn’t that amazing! Everything you need to accomplish in life is built on the foundation of faith. Faith has to be your core. It must be central to everything!

Date: October 3, 2015
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Event: Prophetic Encouter
Sponsor: Pastor Marshall Blackmond
Location: Wilson, NC
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We are bringing the Living Outrageous Book Tour to the DMV area! Looking forward to worshiping with Bishop Eugene Reeves and the Life Church.

Date: September 13, 2015
Time: 9:00 a.m.
Event: Sunday Worship Service
Topic: Living Outrageous Book Tour
Sponsor: The Life Center
Venue: CD Hylton High School
Location: 14051 Spriggs Rd,
Woodbridge, VA 22193
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Why I Don’t Talk To Everybody About My Dreams.

How The Wrong Conversation Can Kill Your Dreams.

Every visionary needs to understand the power of conversation. A conversation can be more than a chat. A book is a conversation between an author and his or her readers. A sermon is a conversation between pastor and congregation.

Why I Don't Talk To

And a conversation, in all of its forms, has the power to make or break a life. Having the right conversations can set the tone for your future. That’s because conversations shape our beliefs.

In Romans 10:17, the apostle Paul assures us that “faith comes from what is heard.”

It is important to understand that “faith” means more than religious belief. The faith you need to accomplish anything in life comes from what you hear. This means that we must strive to hear the right things – to have the right conversations – to realize our dreams

Do you know that your entire belief system has been formed by the conversations you have engaged in? Think about the talks you have had with people you trust. Think about the parents, grandparents, teachers, or other mentors who have worked together to shape your life by what they have taught you. Think about the conversations, the questions and answers, and the words of comfort and encouragement – especially at key moments in your life. These conversations helped you discover who you are. They have established your vision for life.

The same can be said of the books you have read, the sermons you have heard, or the radio or TV ministries you have shared in.

When I speak, I like to remind my audiences, “What you hear determines what you believe, and who you hear will determine what you will do.”

Yes! The people who shape our belief systems are the people who shape our lives. They set our moral compass and form our outlook on life.

Of course, this can be a good thing or a bad thing.

The people who influence our lives have the power to make or break our futures. They can encourage us on our journey of discovery. Or, they can discourage us from chasing our vision. Just one conversation with someone you trust can alter the course of your life.

Question: Think deeply on this truth, and ask yourself, “In my life, am I having the right conversations with the right people?” Share your answer on Facebook or Twitter?

How To Build Confidence

Top 3 Small Ways To Develop Big Confidence

Being self-confident seems to come naturally for some individuals, especially those who are born into great wealth, are gifted in music, art, or athletics or those who possess astonishing beauty. But is this really true? You may feel that it takes going to extremes to be able to exude the kind of confidence that will make you a charismatic, popular person, but the simple truth is that there are ways to develop your self-esteem without resorting to plastic surgery, buying a Maserati or losing weight. Some small ways to develop big self-confidence include:



1. Learn the Art of Power Posing

A power pose, simply put, is a way to confidently present ourselves to the world. A study confirmed that when people position their body in a power pose for 2 minutes or longer, their testosterone levels rise. This hormone can make you feel more powerful and in charge of the situation. The power pose position also caused cortisol levels in the body to decrease — known as the stress hormone, cortisol decreases your tolerance for stress and risk.
Practice power posing before attending a big meeting or any other even in which you’d want to be seen at your best. Power poses include standing with your hands on your hips, putting your hands behind your head while sitting down and placing your hands on a desk (spread apart) while standing up. These wide poses exude dominance over the environment and may even instill subconscious feelings of fear, shyness, and lack of self-esteem in those around you. If it does, they may assume closed body language, such as clasping their hands together, wrapping their arms across their chest, or even crossing their legs.

2. Embrace Meditation

Maintaining a calm demeanor and reducing stress are just two of the benefits of meditation. If you are nervous or jittery, you aren’t likely to act confident or feel empowered.

Fortunately, you can meditate almost anywhere without anyone realizing you’re doing it. Simply eliminate distracting thoughts from your mind, focus on your goal, and breathe. Meditation helps wipe away mental clutter and troubling thoughts, and helps people gain better perspectives.

You can meditate by simply focusing on a pleasant smell, melody, sight or a positive thought. Other people meditate by repeating a particular word or phrase either out loud or silently — known as a mantra. Such words can include “winner,” “promotion,” or “success.”

3. Combat Negative Self-Talk with Affirmations

Talking to yourself may seem a bit silly, but studies show that using positive affirmations can be an effective way to become more confident. Whenever you think to yourself, “I will never finish this special assignment on time” or “I don’t have enough intelligence or the right skills to get a promotion,” vanquish these negative statements from your mind. Replace this self-talk with positive affirmations that will encourage you to succeed. Say things to yourself like, “I will complete this project on time and successfully” or “I am a fantastic employee and I have everything it takes to do this new job, and if I don’t, I will learn it quickly!” Say these positive phrases out loud to yourself every time you are in front of a mirror, or say them silently in your head. Also say them to yourself as you head to a meeting, while you are at your desk and during every other opportunity that arises. The more you repeat these positive phrases to yourself, the more you will believe them and exhibit a stronger self-confidence.
Generally, increasing your self-confidence has more to do with how you think of yourself, rather than what other people might think or say about you. One of the most effective way to infuse your psyche with self-confidence is to hire a life coach who will help you develop skills like those above and many more. The coaching will help empower you to be the best you can be!