Prophetic Word: The Remnant Is Being Revealed

Prophetic Friday-July 24, 2015

The primary function of the Prophet hear a word from God for His people. Hearing and understanding the voice of God is extremely critical in this hour. Have an accurate prophetic voice in your life is even more critical. Prophetic Friday was designed as a way for you to accurately receive a word from God that will impact your life and your world.

Prophetic Friday(2)

Today, I want to share with you a word I received during my prayer time yesterday at 4:52am. This has come directly from my personal notes to share with you.

Receive a perosnal prophetic word from Joseph and the Prophetic Team
  • This is the perfect time in history for us to reach massive amounts of  people with the gospel message. This is the time for the last hour laborers to be revealed in the Earth. They will be revealed in unexpected ways. You will begin to see them rise from different areas of influence in direct industries.
  • The global church must embrace the mandate of the Seven Mountains. We must seek to gain areas of influence in our specific fields.  Our integrity will draw them and will change their lives.
  • God is rising a generation (remnant) of people who will possess the supernatural. Those who refuse to embrace the purity of God’s power in this season will be replaced by people who are open and ready to operate in the supernatural.
  • In this hour, you shall judge the prophetic voice by their ability to manifest the supernatural. There shall be signs and wonders both in the church and in the world. God is  pulling us into a season of supernatural manifestation. We must prepare ourselves to be used as vessels of honor in our specific industries. The word is hungry for His power that is working in us.
  • I will expose the artificial in this hour. Many of my people have embraced an artificial glory. The glory that you shall experience in this Season will empower and propel you to be my witnesses in the earth. I am releasing a glory that can not be manufactured. It can not be duplicated. You will know the authentic by its works.
  • I am invading the earth with my power and I will empower my people to lead in the mist of famine. Prepare yourselves for famine. Just as my servant Joseph prepared Egypt, you shall prepare the nation for economic decline.
  • Ensure my people that I will sustain them in the hour of famine. Prepare your churches. Prepare your families. Prepare your businesses. I will give you strategies that will prepare you for this time.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear a personal prophetic word for your life. I want to personally speak a word of encouragement and strategy into your life.

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4 Reasons To Start A Business!

Why Now is the Best Time to Start Your Business

Many people have a moment when the idea of opening a business crosses their mind. In many cases, though, these individuals come up with a number of reasons why now simply isn’t the right time. Today, this excuse is no longer valid. With the current market conditions, now may be the best time ever.



Here are 4 reasons why you should start your business today:

1.More Loan Competition

Thanks to the economic downturn of 2008, it became difficult for small businesses to secure startup loans as giving out loans to undeserving people was a huge factor in the recession. Fortunately, increased competition has led to more options for small businesses.

Crowdfunding sites played a huge part in this. Budding entrepreneurs can now seek out funding via websites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Similarly, Square, the company that allowed small businesses to take credit card payments on their smartphones, is also now offering loans.

This is pushing banks to be more competitive and giving entrepreneurs more options.

2. Technology Means Every Business is Big

In the past, the likely outlook for a startup competing with a major player in their industry was grim. Thanks to new technologies, though, this is no longer the case. It’s now affordable to do everything from social media marketing to creating a company-specific smartphone app.

Cloud storage allows small companies to store big data affordably. Setting up servers and domains can essentially be done by the business owner themselves rather than years ago, when the expensive cost of hiring an IT professional was necessary. Even low-cost video marketing capabilities put small businesses right on level with major corporations.

3. Less Competition

More competition is always a good thing for customers. A lack of competition, though, works out best for companies. Fortunately, there has been a steady decline in overall competition for potential startups to take on.

Simply looking at new startup rates from the mid-2000s to now shows a dramatic drop, but when looking at the number of entry-level businesses over the last few decades, things look even more promising. Between 1977 and 2011, new startup rates in America dropped 28 percent. This means there are fewer new business owners to compete with, and this is always a good situation.

4. Economy Back on Track

A good economy is a sure sign that it’s time to start a new business. The stock market has shattered previous records, unemployment has dropped dramatically, the deficit has decreased by two-thirds, the U.S. dollar has gained huge ground on other currencies and inflation is low.

All of this means that consumers will be spending more money. There’s no doubt about it: the current state of the economy means great things for small businesses with big ideas in mind.

There are countless excuses to not start a new business. Unfortunately for those who like to drag their feet, timing is no longer one of them. Now is the perfect time to jump off the high dive and into the waters of entrepreneurship. In fact, it might be the best chance many will ever get.

If you are ready to start your business or take your current business to the next level, check out this Free Video Training by Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh on how to start a business and create growth that last! Go create your profitable business now by learning  the secrets of a 2 Billion dollar retail giant.

Passion Is The Fuel

Don’t lose your passion (zeal) for striving toward excellence.

Manifesting a vision is extremely challenging. The walk of every visionary is filled with pitfalls and victories. It is truly a journey filled with ups and downs. When you are chasing any dream, it is imperative that you maintain high levels of passion.



Photo Credit: Daniel Nanescu

Passion is a critical component of the success in the life of any organization. Why? The answer is that people don’t follow or support you because of what you have to offer. They ultimately follow you because of “the why” which drives you to do what you do. A passion for excellence is directly connected to your why.

 Have you ever been to a hotel that was supposed to be a 4- or 5-star hotel, one, moreover, that had bad customer service? If that has ever happened to you, do you remember how nice the room was? Do you remember how splendid the lobby was? Do you remember all the amenities in your bathroom or living space? Most people don’t. I, on the other hand, never forget the experiences that I have in hotels. I would rather pay more to be comfortable than pay less and be absolutely miserable. Excellence is important, but it is often diluted because of the anemic passion of the person presenting it. You need people on your team who help you maintain your passion levels and possess a contagious zeal that ignites a fire in others to do the same.

As you push toward excellence in everything you do, remember that. The “What” is important, but the “why” is more important. No matter how tired you may be, there is no point in doing it if you are not going to do it well.

If you are going to make sure that you are always on your A-game, you need to keep your passion high. Passion is the fuel that keeps you going, even when your interest runs out. When your days are rough, your zeal should give you the push to keep going! Passion also keeps us focused in times of adversity. On days that you feel like giving up, passion will give you the push that helps you get through the day and lead you to victory. It is almost like a Five-Hour Energy drink. It gives you a boost to revive your energy when you become weak.

No matter what vision you have been given, there will be days when you just don’t want to give your effort 100 percent. Those are the days that you have to dig deeply. On those days, you will have to draw on a power higher than yourself or your team. You should do all things as if you are doing them as a service to God because in the end, He will get the glory for the success of your business. You make our Father proud when you go the extra mile for clients who trust in your service.

Don’t discount the small things.

We must learn to celebrate every, single victory as if it were the last! The obsession with major accomplishments merely serves to marginalize strategic, continuous, personal improvements, progress, and growth.


If you have ever watched a game between rival teams no matter how small a margin one of the teams wins by, it is still a win and “a huge deal.” Every game won’t be won by a blowout of 30 points! Small wins sometimes, are just as important as big wins.

As a leader, you will have both failures and victories along your path. Three components persist in every race, no matter whether the race is a marathon or a sprint. A starting line, a finish line, and the track are in between them both.

When you run a marathon, you have to pace yourself to be able to go the distance. Every mile you complete is a victory! No matter how much farther you have to go, you are closer to the finish line than when you began. The only way you won’t possess victory is to stop running. If you are going to progress mile after mile, you must be able to celebrate the victory of finishing each one.

The road to vision is filled with both small and massive wins. Don’t discount the power of small victories. Focusing on the small wins helps you stay focused through the experience of vision.

In addition to celebrating the less significant accomplishments, also make sure you are celebrating your own personal growth along the way. Victories require hard work, resilience, and persistence. If you find yourself winning in a new area, you had to do something different to get there because you never get to a new place doing the same things.

Last, don’t forget to celebrate the people who helped you achieve the goal. No man is an island. We all need accomplished people around us to help us achieve our goals. In the end, never discount your small wins or the small wins of the people around you who helped you achieve your accomplishments.