There are some things that are essential to establishing and maintaining leadership predicated on vision. They are not difficult to neither acquire nor comprehend, but they are fundamental to success in living.  Don’t allow what has been to prevent what can be. As creatures of habit, we often find ourselves trying to stick with what […]

Recently, I have been talking a lot about developing a plan for your life. I wanted to share this video with you about planning your life and developing your vision.

Your plan is a major part of the process of discovering and manifesting vision. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Share this with people who are stuck in life and need to hear this powerful message.

MICHAEL HYATT, NSA, And The Truth About Protecting Your Brand!


When you hear the word PLATFORM, what comes to mind? In my mind, I think of the influence of great people like Queen Elizabeth, Bishop T.D.Jakes, Tyler Perry, Joyce Meyer, Lady GaGa, Tony Robbins, and so many other great people who revolutionize our world. Growing up Pentecostal, we used the term platform to really describe […]