Don’t discount the small things.

We must learn to celebrate every, single victory as if it were the last! The obsession with major accomplishments merely serves to marginalize strategic, continuous, personal improvements, progress, and growth. If you have ever watched a game between rival teams no matter how small a margin one of the teams wins by, it is still […]


How Faith Can Fix Your Problems.

The Walt Disney Story

Walt Disney was a man of great faith. The “Disney Dynasty” was once the crazy idea of a dreamer. I remember reading an article in Time Magazine about 10 things most people don’t know about Walt Disney. While reading this article, I was shocked to find out that Walt’s determination to make a full-length animated […]

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Are You Ready To Pursue Your Calling?

Good and bad news about pursuing your calling!

So the bad news first: Pursuing your calling isn’t easy. In fact, doing what you are meant to do can be one of the scariest, most frustrating, and challenging processes of your life. Did I lose you there? Are you still with me? I hope so because the good news is that while are those […]

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How A Day At College Changed My Life

Sometimes the minor gaps of your day, can be the things that cause you to make major transitions in your life. There was something that took place in my life recently that made a major impact on me. A few weeks ago, felted a level of success that really changed my perspective on life. No, […]