Don’t Focus On The Small Stuff

Your Success is determined by what you are willing to ignore.

We are capable of allowing our dreams to drown out the distractions of life because we already practice this everyday. You don’t turnaround and go back home because it starts raining. You turn on your windshield wipers, and you keep going.


When a driver darts out in front of you as if he or she is escaping from the police, only to get in front of you and drive at a snail’s pace, you don’t make a U-turn in the opposite direction and start going in the wrong direction just to get away from the slow driver.

In both of the instances, you handle the situation the way you have been taught. You put those windshield wipers on because in driver’s education, someone taught you that. When you get behind a slow driver, you stay behind him or her until you get to a two-lane road where you can switch lanes or wait to get to a place in the road where the lines indicate that it is safe to pass, and then you pass the driver.

The same way you have to be flexible in everyday driving scenarios, you have to be able to replicate this same flexibility in your life. You cannot allow distractions to change your course of direction.

I once heard Bishop Jakes say, “You can wreck your car trying to swat a fly.” Small things can take your focus off the main thing. Learning how to fix your eyes on the prize will help you to manifest your vision and avoid some of the frustration and negative pit stops.

Small situations/issues are sometimes the biggest hindrances of vision. These distractions consistently attempt to divert you from your plan. They seemingly can come out of nowhere, especially when you are vulnerable or not expecting them. They can be silent killers of your productivity, drive, hope, intentions, and plans. But you can’t let them. We must never become weary in our well doing for there is a reward ahead if we can only keep going.

Be determined to become a master of ignoring the insignificant happenings that can so easily throw you off your course.


Know Those Who Labor Among You…

The concepts of “neighbors” and “community” have changed dramatically over the last 5 decades. In our great grandparents’ generation many of them did not own cars or phones. There was a great focus on inter-personal (visits/socials) and written communication.


In our grandparents’ generation the telephone replaced the need to have to visit someone if you wanted to communicate with them.

Fast forward to our parents and our generations, there is almost no need to have to hardly ever speak to or see any one face-to-face ever! In our digital age of cell phones (that have replaced home phones almost entirely)…text messaging, chatting, Skyping and Facetime there has been a re-definition of community and almost an obliteration of the concept of neighbors altogether.

There has never been a perfect time for the church to institute community, neighborhood and fellowship. This knowledge is needed to help you grow your church….

Know your area and your community.

A. If you are church planting, this is an excellent opportunity to research your area and go over every inch of it with a fine-tooth comb. You can divide it up among your leaders and learn everything about your city and community. You should have a good grasp of the political climate, the social ills, the state of the school system as well as the area hotspots and attractions. You can’t serve a community you don’t know and one of the main things God called us to do is serve. It is hard to evangelize in area where you don’t serve. It is hard to convince people that God loves them, if you haven’t convinced them that you love them. Know your community, and then get known positively in your community.

B. If you have been in your community for a while, then “taste it again for the first time”—like the commercial said. Get out and stay up-to-date with the news, the polls and the trends. If your town is one of the top places to live this year, but the next year makes the list of the worst school districts in your state—you are going to have to be ready to help with that challenge or at least be prepared for the possibility the population of people you are serving could change.


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